Urban-Jazz Guitarist Aaron Brown Pays An Inspired Tribute To His Mentor ‘Mr Jones’

Aaron C. Brown is a well-known songwriter and composer, and his outfit Aaron Browns Fubop Collective is his most well-known work. Aaron Brown, an R&B and jazz guitarist and bassist, felt a feeling of urgency to produce new music after the passing of his mother and the major stroke suffered by his mentor. Both events inspired him.

Originating from Brooklyn, New York, but now residing in Westchester County, New York At the moment, he is pursuing a musical education at the college and high school levels. Aaron’s musical repertoire includes Smooth Jazz, Jazz, Funk, Fusion, R&B, and Hip Hop, demonstrating the breadth and depth of his skill.

Brown composed, produced, and arranged the tune “Mr Jones,” which he named after his longtime friend and guide Gordon “G-man” Jones. Brown is now working on his fourth album, which he plans to release in the autumn.

On the track that boasts a big saxophone lead by guest star Pete Belasco, who brilliantly carries the melody with passionate horn performance, Brown’s sinewy bass rises to the forefront and takes the spotlight over Gene Faffley’s rhythms on the drum set.

Urban-Jazz Guitarist Aaron Brown Pays An Inspired Tribute To His Mentor 'Mr Jones'
Urban-Jazz Guitarist Aaron Brown Pays An Inspired Tribute To His Mentor ‘Mr Jones’

Brown’s sophisticated electric guitar is enhanced by the addition of keyboard harmonies played by Dennis Johnson. When she died away, Brown’s mother had an astoundingly long life, having reached the age of 101.

We are really fortunate that his mentor made it through both the stroke and the following brain surgery. Jones never stopped urging Brown to take the main role in the band, even while Brown was only a session musician in the studio and an on-stage sideman.

Brown finds that working on new music not only offers him a constructive and healthy creative outlet, but also a fortress of peace to which he can retreat to. Working together on “Resurgence” acts as a critical connecting point for both Jones and his mentor, who is going through his recovery and rehabilitation at the same time.

In 2009, Brown released his first studio album, titled “Eclectic Sessions.” In addition to leading his own band, Aaron Brown & Moment’s Notice, Brown was a member of the band Karavan, which was signed to Columbia Records.

Presently, he is the proprietor of Bop Brown Productions, a music studio in which he writes, records, edits, and arranges music in addition to producing it. In his spare time, he enjoys activities such as golfing and fishing.

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