Uplift Your Soul With Luciana Zogbi’s New Single “Worry”

Uplift Your Soul With Luciana Zogbi’s New Single “Worry”

In moments when you need something which is joyful, inspiring, and reassuring then Luciana Zogbi has got you.

In her newest tune, she is able to catch sentiments and turn them into masterpieces and Luciana does this by changing the worry and despair we’ve all felt at a certain point in our lives.

Her voice is powerful, and her tone is full of personality which really helps to tell the tale of the song.

The Brazilian singer’s choice to create the music video in her room alone adds to the track’s pureness and sensitivity.

Her sincere music and imagery transport us inside her thoughts and she communicates them in the best way ever. You will actually enjoy every bit of it and immerse yourself in it.

She was born in Brazil, has Lebanese ancestors, and traverses the world in search of creative influences.

Her work focuses on breaking down walls and boundaries, as well as fostering oneness and enlightenment.

Listen to the song below and watch the music video as well. Follow her @lu_zogbi on Instagram and @LucianaZogbiMusic on Facebook.

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