Dr. Paa Bobo And Daasebre Gyamenah Are My Biggest Inspiration – Tee Rhyme


Music they say has a lot of influence on the listeners, it can put listeners in a good mood or worst changes the behavior of the individual.

Again,there is a saying that “ what you listen is what you are“.Therefore it is advisable to listen to good songs that will have a good impact on our society and individual as whole .

MASKALINX Music signed act Tee Rhyme who is tagged the Stylish Rapper opened up about the influence the two legends of Ghana music “Dr Paa Bobo” and “Daasebre Gyamenah”.

These two great high-life singers are  known for their contribution to the music industry, according to the rapper,he has seen the effort an hard work these two singers put in their work and  it is has been huge inspiration for him growing up.

In an interview at RythmzLive on GhOneTv with Jayson EL-A,he said “These two high-life legends have been my inspiration”.

The Asankulele hitmaker urged his numerous fans to keep supporting and expect more banging tunes from him.

Update: Dr. Paa Bobo And Daasebre Gyamenah Were My Biggest Inspiration – Tee Rhyme

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