Ulanda Collaborates With Cleo Grae On New Single ‘Doing Me Well’

Limbe, which is located in the country of Cameroon in West Africa, is where Ulanda was born.

Ulanda, a talented singer and composer, was raised by her parents, siblings, and other members of her extended family in a musically supportive and emotionally supportive environment.

In August 2011, Ulanda uprooted her life and moved to the United States, leaving behind the breathtaking nation of Cameroon. Ulanda faced a difficult emotional test when she moved to the United States and left behind her family, friends, and everything else she had ever known.

However, by following the guidance of her mother and keeping a positive attitude, she was able to recognise the many opportunities that lay dormant in the move. After some time, she moved back in with her parents and reestablished her connection to her origins. Her alluring tone causes feelings to surface inside you.

Her music is best described as “contemporary” which is also the name of one of her albums. Her free-spirited lyrics, which have been influenced by artists such as Toni Braxton, Charlotte Dipanda, Brandy, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Richard Bona, Lokua Kanza, Bebe manga, and Mariah Carey to name a few, bridge the gap between many genres as a beacon to the masses, attracting a universal fan base.

With the ability to use her voice as an instrument and experiment with vocal harmonies learned through studying the art of Makossa, Currently,

Ulanda does a fantastic job of conveying these strong feelings via tales that are easily understood, moving the audience and encouraging them to search for hope and realise that they are not the only ones going through every difficulty.

Ulanda creates music that helps listeners feel more beautiful, gives them hope, and transports them to a period when things were better.

I wrote this beautiful melody hoping it will be played at my wedding soon . This is the most expressive video I’ve ever done and it’s because the song makes me feel beautiful, feminine and worthy of love. It gives me hope that I’ll one day have the kind of love I’m singing about.

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