UK Rising Legend Lotto Ash Is Back With New Single ‘No Need’

Lotto Ash‘s latest track, “No Need,” is a love narrative that perfectly complements the band’s string of hits this year.

New afro bashment sensations Lotto Boyzz have been established as one of the most anticipated acts in the UK.

They followed up Hitlist’s first track with two additional self-released singles, Bad Gyal and No Don, polishing their style to a smooth blend of catchy vocal melodies and infectious energy for the dance floor.

There were three major singles by the group in less than six months’ time, each with millions of views on YouTube. They’d established a sound that was both recognisable and clearly their own.

They changed their name from Ash & Lucas to Lotto Boyzz (Lotto standing for Last Of The Trill Ones), and developed a new term for their style; Afrobeat, which underlines how they blend afrobeats with their Caribbean origins – Ash’s family hails from Montserrat and Lucas’ from Jamaica.

Lotto Ash has established himself as a leader in the UK R&B scene with songs like “Give You” and “Que Sera” which showcase his handwriting and range.

In addition to M1llionz and fellow Brummie Mist, Lotto Ash has been a constant presence in the UK hip-hop scene since he joined the Lotto Boyzz.

He’s noted for his ability to combine the sounds of British rap, R&B and Dancehall with Afrobeats. Lotto Ash’s latest serving is “No Need,” and there will be more to come as he continues to dominate 2022!

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