Union music Group Ltd is a Record label and digital music distribution, licensing and online promotion company that uses all new digital marketing techniques and hacks to help artists building and growing their audiences.

Their current roster includes more than 4,000 artists and works in partnership mode with a growing number of acts. All deals such as digital distribution, licensing, publishing, etc… are artist-friendly and aim to deliver value via a personal support and involvement in all the projects they work on. Union Music Group is a record label, publishing, and management company founded in 2008 and based in the United Kingdom.

We are looking for new artists to work with and would be happy to consider your songs and Album. All submissions will be reviewed by our A&R team for release opportunities with us or our partners and publishing/licensing opportunities for commercial sync.

Available artist projects will be also be considered by our management team. Send your Portfolio to or visit our website and fill out the forms. Connect with us via Facebook, Twitter or check out our website.

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