UK-Based Singer Paparazzle Releases New Single ‘Lost’

A new song titled “Lost” has been released by the singer Paparazzle, who is based in the UK. Ridhwan Babatunde Shittu, often known as PapaRaZzle, was a renowned rapper.

In the realm of music, he is a powerhouse that cannot be ignored. Since making his debut, the internationally travelled singer-songwriter has been pushing the boundaries of African culture with the songs he has released and the music videos he has produced.

‘Lost’ is a song that was written and developed from a place of truth, a place of vulnerability, and a place of strength, and it focuses on genuine emotions.

The Afrofusion jam delves into topics such as the sensation of not wanting to give up on something you love despite the fact that it is becoming increasingly complex, the success of being lost, the feeling of losing someone, the sense of seeking guidance in the midst of doubt, the feeling of chasing dreams and aspirations, and the toll that all of this takes on one’s life.

Kryptian Icon and Ohnorr, both of Lagos, Nigeria, served as the record’s producers.

The process of creating ‘Lost’ was very therapeutic for me. Every lyric, melody and sound came from a very vulnerable place and being able to create this art provided some level of healing for me. Recording this single in Liverpool, I felt emotionally connected to the song and hope my fans feel the same.

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