UglyFace Out Now With Brand New Project “The Good EP”

UglyFace Out Now With Brand New Project “The Good EP”

UglyFace make music so fun and exciting to listen to because their music basically gives you that sensation.

The California-based group is currently out with their project tagged “The Good EP” which houses a total of 11 songs.

Songs such as Promo, The Coast, Woke Up etc were specially and specifically made to suit your listening pleasure. You will love this one!

UglyFace For years, the group has collaborated on music across California, from Oakland to Stockton. Andre Mosley presented Kevin Farpella and Aaron Temple.

After several thought-provoking sessions, they were christened UglyFace by Aric Jones, a Bay Area guy with Chicago origins.

To polish their respective swords, the gang would momentarily disperse. Only Kevin Farpella remains in Tracy, CA, with singers Andre Mosley at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, Aaron Temple in Brooklyn, New York, and Aric Jones in Los Angeles.

They’ve chosen to complete what they started, recording and composing their own music, thanks to their increased fraternity.

Listen to the project below and follow them on social media via @uglyface.88 on Instagram.



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