U S-Based Artist Richlegacy Outdoors New Single ’Dorime’

RichLegacy, a Ghanaian hiplife music creator and composer located in the United States, is getting ready to release another track that will be titled “Dorime.”

RichLegacy is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, and composer who was born Richard Adjin and now resides in the United States.

The performer, who has already established his reputation in the international music scene thanks to a string of successful albums, has guaranteed that he would provide another masterpiece to his audience in order to fulfil their need for beautiful music.

According to RichLegacy, the song with the topic “Dorime” is performed on a sort of music that combines hiplife and afrobeat, and it comes with listener-friendly lyrics that are applicable to situations that people have in their daily lives.

In order to achieve his goal, RichLegacy has appealed to Ghanaians living in Ghana and elsewhere in the diaspora to back his music career and has pledged to provide them with high-quality music at all times.

this is a song I invested my all to make it perfect. I made sure everything was perfect just to satisfy my audience and make sure it reaches the state of art standard. The lyrics are relatable and speak more of life experiences. I plead my people back home and those in the diaspora to support my musical projects. They are my motivation and they inspire me to do more of what I love doing

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