“Two Hitless Rappers” – Medikal Shades Strongman & M.anifest


“Two Hitless Rappers” – Medikal Shades Strongman & M.anifest

The Ghanaian music scenes have been very interesting these past two days and it looks like it has finally come to an end.

Several shots have been thrown, a number of songs have been released. A lot of things going on now.

Just as promised, Medikal has finally unleashed his most anticipated diss song dubbed “Drip”.

The song which featured Joey B and Kofi Mole was released about an hour ago and has since gone viral.

"Two Hitless rappers" - Medikal Shades Strongman & M.anifest

Strongman also followed up with his titled “Up and Downs” where he recruited the godMC M.anifest.

You remember when M.anifest released Rapper 101? A song alleged to be a diss song directed at Sarkodie? Yess that very one.

Medikal said in a tweet that, in order for some rappers to stay relevant, they sort to dissing Sarkodie.

He wrote, “The only time your music gets attention is when you diss Obidi,so if Obidi stop de do music you die be that 😂😂😂😂”

In a response to Medikal’s assertion, the manager of the rapper Fui Tsikata, referred to Medikal as a linguist.

Fui simply tweeted “”We respond to Kings not linguists.

Since it is both of the artistes he is beefing with on the same song, it is understandable that way.

"Two Hitless rappers" - Medikal Shades Strongman & M.anifest

Yesterday we reported that Medikal had finally reacted and according to him, he doesn’t beef with underground rappers.

He told Strongman to go get himself a hit song before he comes back at him.

In a tweet he said, “I no de diss underground rappers, after you make a hit come back again,will be waiting”

Again, Medikal has described M.anifest as a “useless man” and that himself and Strongman are both “2 galamsey hitless rappers”.

He went on to say both of them don’t even have a million views on their videos on Youtube, yet they also want to talk.

Eventually, he bragged about Fella’s line “my body is doing me like something” in Omo Ada a bigger hit than them.

Read the full tweet below..



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