Tucker Nichol Outdoors Her Latest Single ‘Nah’

Tucker Nichol, a former Miss Tennessee USA and perhaps one of the most popular R&B musicians working today close out the year on an uplifting note with the release of the official music video to her track “Nah.”

After going through a roller coaster of emotions in the year 2022, Nichol combines a modern spin on R&B with a raw and very true message in the hopes that it may encourage others to walk away from harmful relationships in which boundaries are not respected. It is one thing for a bridge to become damaged, but once it has been removed, it is quite difficult to construct a new one.

“Nah” was formed out of necessity as her efforts to fix the relationship continued to fail, as she was exiting a difficult push and pull with a massively toxic, non-romantic relationship when she came up with the name.

She appealed for this person to change, as well as for a mutual connection between them, in the hopes that it would assist Tucker in figuring out how to live with this person. And after years of being silent, she must have worked up the nerve to speak out eventually.

Her previous hits “Over the Edge,” “Not My Business,” and “Too Close to Home” are all organically continued on “Nah” which acts as a natural continuation of those songs. Its peppy and danceable tone acts as almost a celebration and a real pat on the back for her for stepping away from everything that this relationship put her through in the process of ending it.

Tucker made the very hard decision to completely move away from the abusive relationship in order to seek a better and more balanced life for himself. The music video shows her to be self-assured and confident, and she seems to be at ease with the choice that she’s chosen.

She had finally reached her limit, and as a result, she made the decision to put herself and her mental health first, which ultimately led her to a better, less toxic, and more promising future.

Tucker’s eagerness for the future shows through despite her animosity at the circumstances of the past that used to hold her back. This demonstrates that she is really fearless and loves herself.

Now, as she transitions her energies from an outstanding pageant career to a grounded and ambitious endeavour as a beloved recording artist, we get to watch her true blossoming via honest, heart-on-your-sleeve storytelling. This is because she has always been a storyteller at heart.

Tucker, who does not shy away from telling the truth in his writing, does it through a lens that is shaped by trauma, which is guaranteed to touch readers who may have gone through a similar struggle.

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