Tracksuit Is Out With A Masterpiece “Ghost of Rome”

The Chapel Hill, North Carolina band Tracksuit plays indie rock. The group features Brendan Rice, who writes songs and plays many instruments, Tyler Harrington on bass, and Marcus Johnson on drums. Tracksuit’s unique and appealing sound is the result of its use of a wide variety of musical styles, layered production, and emotive baritone vocals. Tracksuit’s studio album, “Hidden Worlds”, features the political rocker “Ghost of Rome” as the second single. “Area #51” was met with widespread praise upon its release in July.

Like the work of the Clash and Neil Young before it, “Ghost of Rome” is a biting political rock song that rails against the deterioration of American civic institutions and rights at the hands of greedy capitalists. With the advent of Tracksuit, I think we can rest confident that this won’t be the first and last melodic headbanger we hear from alternative rock in this freshly emerging decade.

Grammy-nominated, low-rock pioneers Morphine’s Dana Colley plays baritone, alto, and tenor saxophones on their next full-length record, “Hidden Worlds,” while platinum-selling vocalist Katharine Whalen contributes harmony vocals (Squirrel Nut Zippers). Nick Peterson (Bon Iver) engineered the record, while Will Holland mixed and mastered it.

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