Tonia Does Some Self Reflection On New Single “Afloat”

Tonia has gained a fundamental skill throughout the course of her life, which is the capacity to relate stories and produce incredibly individualized writing.

In the event that you have any lingering uncertainties, you should give careful consideration to her most recent single, which is titled “Afloat,” on which she does a lot of introspective thinking.

She sings in an open and sincere manner, and the song goes on to communicate a lot about how she feels when it has to do with her most private moments.

What she gives is pushed into tight perspective, which touches listeners to a significant degree, thanks to the emotional narration and powerful vocal effort she puts forth.

The sensation from Liverpool sang it with sincerity, and her distinctive voice lends the song a completely different mood.

Tonia says: “It sounds like I’m talking to someone else but, with hindsight, Afloat is more a message for myself: I became very dependent on a relationship and struggled to stand on my own two feet. This became draining on the other person and I also hated the way it made me feel. I couldn’t make any decisions or think for myself – I lost trust in my own decisions and thoughts. 

After listening to what she has to say, you will most likely realize that you are in the same predicament as she describes. The songs that she writes are aimed just at listeners like yourself.

Her silky soul ode beats with an authentic authenticity, and the universes she creates are renowned for their open minds and absence of prejudice.

As she prepares to release her debut EP, scheduled to be out on 20 January 2023, listen to the song below and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.



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