Toni Wale To Overthrow Actor Majid Michel

Young Ghanaian actor popularly know in the movie industry as Toni wale has shown keen interest in taking over from his movie icon Majid Michel soon since he has been missing in action for some time(we would all agree to that)

It looks like the 38 years old multi award winning actor, Majid Michel is slowly losing interest in the movie production. Inauspiciously the star movie actor has taken it upon himself to do the will of God as directed to him, and he does it wholeheartedly.

Toni Wale To Overthrow Actor Majid Michel
Toni Wale To Overthrow Actor Majid Michel

According to Ghana’s Sexiest yet Ugly actor Anthony Toni Wale the absence of the famous movie actor has left a wide gap in the movie industry, and that has become his ultimate aim, which is to seal the gap.

In a new video the actor and director adversely promised to bring out his full potentials to help build the Ghanaian industry and restore its good name.

Kindly Watch video below

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