“Toe The Line” With Wes Linden’s Latest Hip Hop Tune

“Toe The Line” With Wes Linden’s Latest Hip Hop Tune

Ohio-based rapper, Wes Linden has finally come forth with this new song he calls “Toe The Line”.

“Toe the Line” is a sports anthem designed to get you in the zone just before the big moment. The perfect song which suits the mood!

The topic you’ve chosen to express is out of the ordinary and his level of control is just astounding.

Wes Linden elected to gather his belongings and travel across the country to San Diego, California after graduating from the University of Cincinnati with a Marketing and International Business degree.

Linden’s debut album, “Sun Valley,” is named after the Brazilian town “Vale do Sol,” where he lived for four months while working on the record. Sun Valley will transport listeners inside

Wes Linden’s thoughts as he encounters spotting scopes, sounds, and people while thinking on previous events that lead up to these memorable moments.

Listen to the song below and follow him on Instagram via @weslindenn.

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