Tnola Returns With A Brand New Afro-Soul Single ‘Never On My Own’

Tnola is a young artist of African descent hailing from the United Kingdom. She began composing when she was young and recorded when she was 16 years old.

Because she is always experimenting with new musical styles and concepts, each song represents a fresh and unique adventure for the artist.

The British musician has a one-of-a-kind way of drawing you into her musical world while simultaneously engrossing you in the beauty of the lyrics she sings.

Her smooth Afro-soul sound is the ideal vehicle for entering a state of mind that is laid back and easygoing.

“Never On My Own” is a motivational afro pop song about enjoying life to the fullest despite setbacks and knowing that you always have someone you can go for support from if and when you need it. The lyrics of the song are found in the song’s title, “Never On My Own”.

The song is really personal to me and the problems I’ve been going through, but I think virtually everyone can connect to the joyful nature of the song while still displaying a lot of emotion.

The rhythm makes you want to be alone yourself, and the guitar loop plays continuously in your mind throughout the day. Guaranteed song.

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