Tke Is Having A “Backroad Talk” On His Newest Single

Tke Is Having A “Backroad Talk” On His Newest Single

Each person has his/her escape and music serves as a good therapy for sensational American rapper Tke.

He comes off once again with this brand new single he labels “Broadway Talk” which features Claire who delivered the chorus beautifully.

The Texas rapper is heavily affected by real life, and he takes cues for it from life observations, enabling him to elicit intense feelings in his listeners.

Tke does the same thing on this song as he proves to be a musician who has a knack for producing catchy tracks and engaging stories.

Tke wants his music to have a beneficial impact on society and with each song he writes, he strives to make them as relevant to the audience as possible.

He actually made this song when he was dealing with a lot of difficulties at the time, so composing this served as therapy for him.

Make this song your and own it. It is sure to make you feel at ease and also calm your nerves down. Just let this grow on you with time.

Listen to the song below.


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