Hello People out there. Am Martin Donaldson Daisy from Music Arena Gh. Music Arena Gh  is out with a new segment which we think is another way to let the world know more about our Uprising Artistes from Ghana and in another way to help Fans and Families  of these artistes to know them better and increase interaction between them.

Today I have with me in the studios One of Ghana’s Fast rising Artiste of our time. I call him ‘THE PRINCE OF HIGHLIFE’ because to me, He is Legend and should be celebrated. He is the hit maker of TRUE LOVE, POWER BOY, N’ADOM, MY BROTHER MY ENEMY, and many more. I would like you to have a feel of these songs by downloading them below;

  1. TRUE LOVE [Download]
  2. POWER BOY [Download]
  3. NEA OBRE N’ODIE [Download]
    MY BROTHER,MY ENEMY [Download]

SIKA PELLI is what he is popularly called in the music industry. Lol……. I don’t know how his folks call him though’……



MARTIN: Great having you with me

Sika Pelli Gh: Thank you Big Boy making it Big also…

MARTIN: Loool……Thanks.For me I know you to be Sika Pelli.  Who at all is Sika Pelli???

Sika Pelli Gh: Sika Pelli is a Ghanaian Afro Hilife Artiste. Real name is Psalmuel Quabena Ampadu Jr

MARTIN: Wow nice name you have….. Ampadu like the high life legend. No wonder you are good at it. Lol. How did you come by that name if I may ask??

Sika Pelli Gh: Anwomtofour Hene [Nana Ampadu] as his fans calls him is my Uncle. We all from Obo Kwahu [Eastern Region – GHANA ]. I was named After him

MARTIN: Wow…. Nice. So it’s like a family name??

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes Family name Martin

MARTIN: Oh okkk…. Why the name Sika Pelli then.  You could have used your real name. Why Sika Pelli???

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes I have all the rights to use my family name but when a beef comes up, people will use that to insult my family as a whole. So I decided to hide my family from my job and do my thing. Sika is also my maiden name. But Pelli is a nicky which means Wonderful.

MARTIN: Hahahahahahahahahh….. Are talking about beef because of the once we recently had or the on going beef between two mainstream artistes. Hehehe.

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes buddy! It may happen to me one way or the other nti ma y3 study [So I don’t want to joke with it] hehe.

MARTIN: Looooool. That very smart move there. Hahaha. Where were you born and where do you come from??

Sika Pelli Gh: I was born in Liberia Monrovia. Came to Ghana when I was 10 years. But am from Obo Kwahu [Eastern Part Of Ghana] But Mum is the from Danteng means I am An Ashanti Boy [Asante Nii].

MARTIN: Kai. Asu!!  Asante nii Abrante3[Asante Man]. I love that. Am actually an asante boy too.

Sika Pelli Gh: Number 1……… hehehe

MARTIN: Hehahahaha. Any educational background????

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes Boss! I attended Red Cross [Liberia] Kindergarten and then continued to Opinamang Primary School [Nkawkaw – Ghana]. I furthered unto Obo RC Preparatory School

(JHS) Obo then Nkawkaw Secondary School and finally Ashasi University Computer Science.

MARTIN: Really so you are a computer scientist???  How does it feel.What at all do you guys do??

Sika Pelli Gh: Very proud of it cos I love computers and computers always loves it when i touch them.

MARTIN: Wow. Amazing. You know I wanted to work in that field

Sika Pelli Gh: I repair computers, i teach I.C.T, I also do networking, etc. I use the computer for lot of things,I cant mention all. I’m even using it to play beat at home koraa hahaha.


MARTIN: Hahahahahahahahaha. Wow!! Spectacular.How did you get into the music business and for how long has it been??

Sika Pelli Gh: I got into the game when i was 6 years. I starting singing and playing drums using my hands on table tops hahahaha… When i got to age 10, i realised i couldn’t hold it on again… When am even on the street and i hear the radio playing any favorite song, i will stand there and sing it all word to word before i leave that center otherwise i will never walk on.

I quite remember when i heard my favorite song playing at one CD shops at Kumasi. I crossed the road faster even than the gods …..haha……all because i dont wanna loose that song without singing it. I was nearly knocked down by a car but it was all good. At the age of 15, i met Kesse Babe [another talented singer] at SSS [Nkawkaw Sec Sch] and mehn, there was when our talents unleashed. We rocked, plays and did even learn music together. That was how it all started.



MARTIN: Wow… Wow… Wow…. You almost got yourself killed just because of music. Hahahaha.

Sika Pelli Gh: That’s it buddy

MARTIN: Hahahaha.Thats very serious.What gener of music do you do??

Sika Pelli Gh: I’m all round Musician. I ride in every beat from Highlife to Afro Pop to Raggae to Dancehall to Hiplife to Zumbie just name them but “HIGHLIFE” is my true calling….. I was called by God to do Hilife for the broken hearted, I put salt and Sugar in peoples relationship through music. I am a Doctor yeah a Doctor cos i have been repairing some broken hearts through my crafts

MARTIN: Am speechless…. Was that a manifesto??  Amazing piece. It’s like am listening to poetry. Bro you are talented

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahaha u made me Boss

MARTIN: Hahahaha. What are some of the challenges you face??

Sika Pelli Gh: Hmmmmm..  I think i will make it one statement. I need Listeners to listen to me when am singing period. A management team to sign will not be bad at all to promote my crafts.

MARTIN: What inspires you, how do u get your lyrics??

Sika Pelli Gh: Inspiration? Got it from life!,The way life treats me is the true reflection of my lyrics and music

MARTIN: OK… Good.  So it’s like how the life goes is how you get your lyrics??

Sika Pelli Gh: When love hits me well, i sing about it. When love fails me, i sing about it. When i dont have money, i sing about it.. Etc

MARTIN: What if a stone hits you??

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahahah then that going to be Reggae then… Stone, Stone, Stone………hahaha

MARTIN: Hahahahahahahaha. How many artists have you worked with so far??

Sika Pelli Gh: Aaiisshh what a question… I will say a lot approximately 10

MARTIN: Loool…… 10??

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes man hahaha

MARTIN: That good… I hope there are more on the way

Sika Pelli Gh: Yes… Working with Amerado on a joint dubbed ‘U BORE ME’. Ghana should watch out for it. Afropop

MARTIN: Nice. Nice move. Can’t wait for that track myself. What do you want to achieve with your music??

Sika Pelli Gh: Soo dope trusts me hehe. I wanna rock the world like what MJ did b4 he died. Want my name to be every corner of the world.

MARTIN: Loool… That’s a great ambition. So who’s your favorite artiste??

Sika Pelli Gh: Favorite Artiste is DL [Daddy Lumba] locally. Internationally, R. Kelly, Usher & Chris Brown



MARTIN: Nice, nice what of the rest.. Heahaha

Sika Pelli Gh: Most of them are doing very well but i think if “delivery” than any other thing. I love the way they twist and turn on a beat

MARTIN: Lol….. Nice

MARTIN: Our time is far spent. Hahahahh…..What do you have to say to the new ones in the game

Sika Pelli Gh: They should look at and help we those who got the cross on our neck. Because we can’t light brighter without them. Especialy the Highlife Artistes Ghana should help bring us to the mainstream because they always say Highlife is dying but i tell you. Christ isn’t died so is Highlife because i am the Highlifa.

MARTIN: Hahahh……You always dropping deep lines as highlife artiste. You should rap oooo. In fact I learnt you rapped on one of your songs. How true is that??

Sika Pelli Gh: Oh yeah… But hey that was a try hehehe… I love hooking up with Dope Rappers for the rap gaps.

MARTIN: Hehehehehehe….. All right Sika Pelli we’ve come a long way to the end of today’s session. Your last words to your fans

Sika Pelli Gh: One of the best feelings one can have is the feeling that some people who have never met you in person have your back. I have experienced love from unimaginable people; Ghana, Liberia, Paris, UK, USA, London and all over the world. Some met me crying, gave me gifts, took pictures, asked questions, and some, not so pleasant. But in all of these, I have no complaint because being where I am is a gift and privilege by God. I am grateful to God, my friends & fans, and stakeholders in the industry who love me just the way I am. I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who made the journey of 2016 easier despite the attendant challenges. I plan and hope that 2017 will be different from previous years. The jobs I will do will be slightly different from that of the past. I will take up more challenges. As always I am grateful. I wish you the best this year has to offer.

MARTIN: It’s Sika Pelli!!! Herh!!!!

Sika Pelli Gh: Hahahaha IRep80s

MARTIN: But wait ooo…. Say something little about Afrique Eye Records

Sika Pelli Gh: Afrique Eye Records is my record label. And with time, i will be signing some dope Rappers and Singer to grow the Record Label with them smoothly.

MARTIN: That’s I nice initiative. I wouldn’t have allowed you off if you hadn’t said anything about that.



MARTIN: Social media handles???

Sika Pelli Gh:

Facebook Page: Sika Pelli DHighlifa

Twitter: @SikaPelliGh

IG: @SikaPelliOfficial

WhatApp: 0249602650

MARTIN: Thanks for your time Bro.  It was nice having you with me

Sika Pelli Gh: I see that Small Boy Superstar

MARTIN: LOOOOL……. Thank you

Sika Pelli Gh: My pleasure. Thanks very much



Martin Donaldson Daisy is the Owner of Music Arena Gh.  As a graphic designer, blogger and social media expertise, he is the confident and creative designer who is self-motivated, self-sufficient and comes to you with a strong background in both print and digital media. He currently lives and study's Digital Media in Nottingham College, United Kingdom.

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