Tiki Black Announces New Album Dubbed ‘The Sound of the Broken Wand’

Tiki Black is a very skilled performer from France, namely Paris, who has a remarkable voice and composition ability as well as extraordinary vocal range. Despite the fact that her ancestors originated in Douala, Cameroon, she spent most of her childhood in France.

Tiki Black fell in love with the piano when she was seven years old and had her first experience seeing and touching actual piano keys. She found relief in her passion for music, which she indulged in by teaching herself how to create and write songs. This was her method of expressing herself during a period when quiet was the acceptable attitude for educated youngsters, and she was grateful for this opportunity. As a dedicated follower of her music, you will note that she is a little mysterious and delicately feminine, which makes every song she releases seem like a single complex flower picked from her awareness and put into her verdurous exhibition.

Tiki Black Announces New Album Dubbed 'The Sound of the Broken Wand'
Tiki Black

Her debut album was released in 2013, and she collaborated with some extremely talented musicians, including John Ellis, whose musical sensitivity made it a pleasure to work with him on the piano, Sidiki Dembele, a master who harnesses both his craft and the passion he has for it, who played the Djembe and Nkoni, Leos Strings and Michael C Calvert, Rachel Shakespeare, who improvised some inspired touches on some of the songs, and others. She is currently working on The upright bass was performed by the really talented Matt Owens; nevertheless, it was Chris Hamilton, the sound engineer and co-producer (as well as percussionist on the tune Escape) that brought the entire thing together in such a lovely way.

Tiki Black has established himself as an avant-garde star in the left-of-centre music area as a result of his constant exploration of new musical and visual elements. As of right now, she has published five projects to her credit, the most recent of which is her second studio album. Besides releasing music, she has worked on a variety of other projects, including writing the forewords for a few books and donating her music to a couple of indie film projects. She is now working on the publishing of the book that will be released in conjunction with the CD release.

Tiki’s emotional and heartfelt music draws inspiration from artists such as French troubadour Georges Brassens, Cameroonian griot Eboa Lotin, and American storyteller Dolly Parton. Tiki’s music is rooted in the desire to create authentic music that listeners can deeply connect to, and her emotional and heartfelt music touches on her own personal experiences. Despite the fact that she does not agree with all they do, she is a huge admirer of their artistic expression and the way in which they talk about life in the most genuine and fascinating manner.

Her first album, released in 2013, received the Akademia Award for Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album and was nominated for the Fatea Album of the Year Award in 2014. In addition, Swollen, a song from the album, was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Her most recent album, which was released in 2021, was awarded the Akademia Award for Best Folk/Singer-Songwriter Album.

When she released her latest album, The Sound of the Broken Wand, she wrote the music with the goal of breaking not only the spell but the very source of it, the wand that spellbinds us into a world of shortcuts and instant gratification that prevents us from experiencing natural and positive growth. The Sound of the Broken Wand is an artistic encouragement to development and independence that depicts the many aspects of severing the umbilical cord. It is a work of art that is intended to inspire growth and emancipation.

Outside of music, art reviews, broadcasting, and writing, she enjoys walking in the woods, solving puzzles, and watching fantastic anime and cartoons in her leisure time.


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