Theo Tams Releases An Inspiring Single Dubbed ‘I Could Be Hot’

Artist Theo Tams is finding himself. When it comes to pop music, the Canadian singer and songwriter have an impressive grasp of R&B-laced R&B, with his smooth voice serving as the constant guide.

Therapy” a sultry mid-tempo tune, showcases Tams’ enrapturing appeal, and his vulnerability is on full display as well. His willingness to jump directly into new sonic waves, two years after his previous album, 2018’s Call the Doctor, is most apparent.

Tams was raised in a conservative reformed Christian home in the tiny Alberta town of Coaldale. After attending church as a child, Tams instinctively gravitated toward music. He didn’t begin writing regularly until he was 14 or 15 years old, mostly in the form of poetry and creative works.

Jewel, Alanis Morissette and Sarah McLachlan as well as Canadian storytellers Sarah Slean and Sarah Harmer were some of the artists that inspired him to begin creating songs. Theo Tams returns to original material after his previous covers EP GRLS, with the unabashed groove of his R&B-laced pop single, “I Could Be Hot,” which unveils the first taste of his Trilogy III EP.

“I Could Be Hot” shifts the narrative and finds Tams regaining control of his artistic vision as the one who controls it. It’s an effortlessly cool, tongue-in-cheek response to the culture that artists today navigate, being conditioned to fight for milestones like editorial playlists and millions of streams.

He had a difficult time with his parents, but they’ve recently repaired their relationship. His time on Canadian Idol followed shortly afterwards, and he was thrust into the spotlight. After a gruelling few weeks of competition, he emerged triumphantly and got a record contract with a big label.

Sony Music Canada released Tams’ first album, Give It All Away, in 2009. Back Pocket and Call the Doctor were only two of the EPs he released in 2014 and 2015, respectively (2018). All the fame and spotlights didn’t make it any easier for him to navigate his post-Idol identity and his ambition to expand his career.

Since his time on Canadian Idol, Tams has had to deal with the ongoing smear campaign against him and his accomplishments. “I Could Be Hot,” the song’s official music video, imagines an alternative scenario in which the show’s judges disapproved of him.

All musicians need to hear Tams’ message in “I Could Be Hot” and it’s at the heart of his music.

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