Theo Tams Announces The Release Of ‘FBG’

Theo Tams Announces The Release Of ‘FBG’

Artist Theo Tams is finding himself. When it comes to R&B and pop music, the Canadian singer/songwriter has an impressive mastery of his craft. His smooth tenor is the constant guiding light.

For the last 15 years, the Canadian singer, songwriter, and performer has been performing and recording songs. He has released three full-length albums and three EPs, as well as a plethora of singles. Tams has amassed an impressive and varied collection of work. It’s a metaphor for an artist who isn’t content to rest on his or her laurels, but rather is always striving to improve and expand his or her abilities.

The most striking thing about his latest album, 2018’s Call the Doctor, is that he has no qualms about diving headlong into the new aural territory. Tams also had to reorganise his inclinations in order to go back into his own set of self-defined creative niches. While his songwriting is still at the core of this new pop movement, he explores new facets.

Self-worth and the ability to no longer tolerate harmful behaviour in relationships are two of the core values of “FBG” (Fuck Boy Games). However, it retains Tams’ ability to write catchy pop songs thanks to its hip-hop-inspired sound.

“FBG” and Trilogy III as a whole reflect a strong and unabashed step forward in Tams’s career, demonstrating his confidence as an artist and musician.

Each track on the EP (including previously released songs “Tongue Tied” and “I Could Be Hot”) was created to call out undesirable behaviour, whether it be in the music business or closer to home, for Tams during a moment of development and self-reflection.

There is a sense of liberation that comes from understanding who you are and what values you hold, as well as what you will not accept.

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