The Other Colors Out With – “Oups”

The Other Colors is an electronic group from France. Active since 2007, the duo consists of singer-songwriter Marie Möör and musician Laurent Chambert. The Other Colors acquired their name from the first track on the album 361 titled Les autres couleurs. At the end of the chapter, Marie Möör said, “So I dug a tunnel. I found a way. Elsewhere. I have discovered another reality.” Marie Möör is well-known in the French music industry for her unique approach, which can be heard in songs like Pretty Day, La Man, and J’aime l’ennui. Since 2001, she has collaborated with composer and guitarist Laurent Chambert. Marie Möör et Les Autres Couleurs are back with a new track titled “Oups.” The musical piece mixes an intelligently humorous French lyrical language with an innovative melody.

It is a long road to the top, as the adage goes. Pop, on the other hand, does not take life so seriously, leaving that to the heavier music and its fans. The song “Oups” exemplifies the fact that, while being mainstream music, a certain edge is preserved. On this track, the voices don’t particularly jump out, but they don’t disappear either. The infectious melody is what carries it the most, but it’s a wonderful treat all around.

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