The Now Out With New Ep “The Truth Always Comes Out in the End”

About The Now

THE NOW is a four-piece band from South Wales that has already begun making an effect on the local scene with their large, very addictive, guitar-heavy compositions despite the fact that they have only been performing together since 2018. The band has an average member age of 21, and its members are Shane Callaghan, who plays rhythm guitar and leads the vocals, Will Scott, who plays drums and also sings, Callum Bromage, who plays guitar and also sings, and Jay Evans, who plays bass guitar. Their sound, which is chill, up to date, and extremely charged, perfectly complements their cutting-edge appearance and mood.

The music and musicians such as Chuck Berry and The Police, all the way up to Kasabian and Catfish and The Bottlemen, as well as vocal influences such as Kelly Jones and Ryan “Van” McCann, all contribute to THE NOW’s unique sound, which is influenced by a wide variety of music and artists. Their stage presence is something exceptional and full of energy, and their self-written songs give a massive punch to the brain with great lyrics that stick in your head for days on end. All of these lyrics were lyrically written by the mysterious frontman, Shane. THE NOW are resolute in their pursuit of a sound that is entirely their own. They have songs and lyrics that should be heard, and it is the goal of the band to make sure that those songs and lyrics are heard by the greatest number of people possible.


About The Release “The Truth Always Comes Out In The End”

“The Truth Always Comes Out In The End” EP is comprised of five tracks and is centred on the story of an unknown person who communicates with others through the use of ransom notes. The snappy rock band from South Wales leaves an indelible impact on the listener, making them want to hear more of their music due to the highly addictive and guitar-heavy compositions as well as the distinctive vocals of singer Shane Callaghan. Each song can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and it is up to the individual listener to come up with their own interpretation of the narrative that goes along with each track.

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