The Moon Caravan Shares An Incredible Euphoric EP Dubbed ‘Apollo’

Andy Moon is the stage name of Andres Mungarrieta multi-instrumentalist behind The Moon Caravan project. For the last seven years, Andrés – originally from Valencia Venezuela – has made his home in Portland, the capital city of the Pacific Northwest.

Music has been a part of his life since he was a youngster. In his first recollection, he recalls pounding pots and pans together for hours to make a drum set, which his mother saw.

Afro-Caribbean rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, and even Dembow influenced the melodic side of the Moon Caravan genre, which was heavily influenced by Shoegaze and Dream Pop.

The Moon Caravan Shares An Incredible Euphoric EP Dubbed 'Apollo'
The Moon Caravan Shares An Incredible Euphoric EP Dubbed ‘Apollo’

Paintings and films, as well as any other kind of art that stirs emotions, serve as sources of inspiration for him. According to him, art is the most deliberate approach humans have devised to transmit an emotion.

We are solitary creatures that can feel many things but typically struggle to communicate those feelings with other people.

“Apollo EP” is a significant album for him since it contains songs he composed at a sad point in his life and that helped him deal with a lot of his feelings. When he couldn’t perform some songs for extended periods of time without crying, it was incredibly therapeutic for him to put them out and share them with everyone else.

The EP is based on Greek mythology and tells the narrative of a love that’s both tragic and beautiful at the same time.

As far as hobbies go, he enjoys gardening, cooking, and salsa and karaoke dancing in his spare time.

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