The Mars McClanes Premieres “Wherever You Go” Ahead Of Summer

The Mars McClanes, a Dallas-based alternative indie music band, formed two decades ago.

Their current home bases are in Portland, Oregon, and Colorado. They reunited and are back together. Russ Chapman, Paul Constantine, and Brian Corley are the band’s founding members.

Russ was in a band called The Sid Richardsons, named after the college’s science building when he first met Brian. People assumed they’d heard of the band since they were in the building a couple of times a week for the required core curriculum, but in reality, they hadn’t.

After I saw Marty McFly step in for Marvin Berry in Back to the Future, I knew that I needed to be prepared in case the moment ever called for it.- Brain

Upon reuniting in Dallas after graduation, Brian and Russ just decided on the practice gym’s name, which is still the name of the science building today. That’s where it comes from, even though the spelling is different.

The Mars McClanes Premieres 'Wherever You Go' Ahead Of Summer
The Mars McClanes Premieres ‘Wherever You Go’ Ahead Of Summer

Since they started out as a Brit-Pop rock band and achieved success in Texas country clubs, our sound may have some echoes of theirs. Alt-Rock, Alt-Country/Americana, Rock and Indie Rock are some of the genres they fit within these days.

learning cool things and telling others about them so we can all be cool. Also Paul (the drummer): If you imagine that the singer is a drummer in a cool band, it makes a lot of sense.-Paul

Their third single, “Wherever You Go,” was released. Prior to travelling to Nashville, TN to record with drummer Paul Constantine in the basement of Waylon Jennings’ former home, Southern Comfort, Brian Corley and Russ Chapman co-wrote the song with Russ Chapman. This is our song about the wide road, which is a must-have for any good summer soundtrack.

Everything in Wherever You Go revolves around the excitement of organising a road trip (even if it is at the eleventh hour) and embarking on it with friends, no matter what happens along the route. Driving to the destination isn’t significant or memorable, but it’s where most tales originate. When the windows are down, this tune really comes to life.

The lyrics remind me that all you ever need is something to look forward to and someone to share it with. hearing the right song at the right moment has really helped me make sense of life’s twists and turns. I like the idea that, by writing down our own perspectives and sending those songs into the wild, somebody might hear something they can relate to and build on.- Russ

Russ, on the other hand, is a huge fan of Legos. There is only one thing to get him—Legos.

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