The fight against plagiarism

The fight against plagiarism

Plagiarist busted


*To ignore evil is to become accomplice to it.*
_- Martin Luther King._

Whilst 2017 was coming to an end, Akindele Oyinlola (Milohwithanh) was making plans to start a 365 days writing challenge. The only caution I could give her is to beware of the plagiarists, as it was both predictable and inevitable. Now, the bubble has been bursted!

On January 1, she posted the very first article which kick started the writing challenge, themed around bed wetting. It is however shocking that this article was found on the wall of three unknown Facebook users, respectively George Tiwalade, Egbulem Macdarlington Ugochukwu and Oriyomi Otaibayomi Toluwalase. As if this was enough, another article written on January 2 by the same victim was also found on the wall of George Tiwalade. It’s the height of chronic, academic theft if one chooses to reap where he didn’t sow – these plagiarists are those Miloh refer to as over shadowers of glory.

Egbulem Macdarlington Ugochukwu happens to be a former cashier at Guaranty Trust Bank and the founder of “Act of Random Kindness Foundation International”. I wonder if it’s also an act of kindness to claim illegal ownership of another’s work yet people like this man cry of the corrupt state of the nation, on daily basis. Oriyomi Otaibayomi Toluwalase goes under the popular moniker “Sir Joe Cares”, deceiving people that he’s a prolific writer whereas he’s nothing but a chronic rogue. Many articles were found on his wall and I’m certain, a careful scrutiny would reveal they are all plagiarised products. George Tiwalade is of no lucid difference from Oriyomi, he’s one with a wall over flooded with articles. An obvious look at his profile background is enough to reveal he’s more of a CREATHIEF than a creative. If truly he’s a graduand of Santa Maria College, then he’s a disgrace to the school and a bigger disgrace to himself.

WAP would stop at nothing till plagiarism becomes a moonlight tale, wherein the listeners would have to argue if it ever existed in the first place or just a mere myth, told by grey haired mothers.

Yusuf Balogun Gemini,
Initiator, WAP.
IG : @waragainstplagiarism

Entertainment freak || Facts only || Mechanical Engineer by profession, i guess i can do blogging part time right? Right, there we go, thats where it all started

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