“The Days We Remember” – By Kaiyah Mercedes

“The Days We Remember” is the fourth single by Melbourne singer/songwriter Kaiyah Mercedes, who is 16 years old. Written when Kaiyah was just 14, the music is a nostalgic ode to a carefree summer spent reminiscing and feeling intensely like only a teenager can.

“I wrote this song about the people I love so much, and about the memories we hold dear to us, capturing them like polaroids and putting them on your wall. The memories we make and share with the people we love is what makes us who we are.”

The song “The Days We Remember,” propelled by an acoustic guitar and Kaiyah’s soothing vocals, with five verses full of stories and the simple repeating line “These are the days we remember,” which helps you get lost in the sense of summer days. The song sounds like a beachside jam session between Taylor Swift and Mazzy Star; it’s lyrical and personal. In addition, verse two includes a secret sample of one of her pals laughing, just for you.



"The Days We Remember" - By Kaiyah Mercedes
“The Days We Remember” – By Kaiyah Mercedes

Photo credits: Lauren Ridgway

Kaiyah’s music has been played on radio stations all over the world, including 4ZZZ Brisbane, Joy FM, RTR FM Perth, 3CR, and hundreds more. Her songs are known for vividly expressing the realities of adolescence via beautiful lyrics and an unusual authenticity. Kaiyah’s second hit, “I Don’t Know Who You Are Anymore,” spent three weeks in the AMRAP top 10 Metro charts thanks in large part to the backing of community radio stations. Her tracks have received over 55,000 plays on Spotify and airplay from radio stations in nations as diverse as Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and South Africa. With over 15,000 views, Kaiyah’s first music video for her latest track “New Year’s Resolutions” is making waves online.

This is the last song to be released before the late October release of Kaiyah’s debut album, “Hindsight”, on which she worked with Melbourne-based producer Chris Wilson (Buster Brown). In early September, a music video for this song will also be made available.

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