The Confederation Is Out Again With A Single “Tailspin”

The Confederation is a band that plays a variety of genres and incorporates a wide variety of sound qualities and musical styles into its sound. The multifaceted congregation features a wide variety of musical styles and sounds that cut beyond categories of music. The music of the past, present, and future are skillfully blended together to create a sound that is exclusive to the Confederation. They want their music to evoke a feeling in the listener in the same way that the music of legendary composers from the golden age does.

The Confederation is influenced by performers from the golden period of classic soul and rock through downtempo and modern neo soul. Motown, Amy, Prince, and Morcheeba come to mind. They have had three of their songs played on BBC introducing.

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The Confederation Is Out Again With "Tailspin"
The Confederation Is Out Again With “Tailspin”

The group consists of individually talented individual musicians with names of Kevin Maxim(vocals), Simone Miller(vocals), Lynz Crichton(vocals), Steven Blessing(guitar), Simon Jolly(keyboards), Dillon Napier(drums). The songs so far have been written and orchestrated by Simone. The project is ongoing and has no walls in creative terms.

The most recent single released by The Confederation is titled “Tailspin,” and is a New Orleans Gospel-influenced Summer Funk Rock journey. To be served along with sunshine and rum punch. The single was recorded via internet sessions with a live performance aesthetic. The song “Tailspin” is meant to be lively and pleasant to listen to. The lyrics have a sly sense of humour hidden within them. This song explores the unpredictability of love as well as the experience of being carried away in a whirlwind. A little bit resistant to the possibility that it is an illusion, while at the same time getting carried away by it.

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