Texas-Based Music Producer Pariz Shares New Single ‘Someone To Forget’

Emerging teen talent Anthony, under the moniker of Pariz (pa-riss), like the city, is a soulful American music producer, singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist – a talented artist from Fort Worth, Texas, the U.S.A. who started humming before talking.

He has been actively engaged in the music industry for the last five years, and the rich, mellifluous, soulful vocals that emanate from his little physique have allowed him to develop a reputation for himself among the music industry elite. As a consequence of his upbringing, Pariz developed an interest in music. He can provoke an emotional response from others.

An artist that is always thinking outside of the box, constantly pushing the boundaries of experimentation, and constantly fusing different genres while still preserving his traits in his music, Pariz is a must-listen-to.

Texas-Based Music Producer Pariz Shares New Single ‘Someone To Forget’
Texas-Based Music Producer Pariz Shares New Single ‘Someone To Forget’

He has a large number of remixes to his credit as a result of his profound love for electronic dance music (EDM) and his dedication to it. He establishes the foundation of his fascinating brand with his songs and his distinctive sense of dressing.

The hook for his song “Lost” came from a friend called Noelia, and the song was included on many Spotify playlists and had millions of views. Noelia was one of the first people with whom he collaborated. He has now been involved in around 20 different projects.

His musical inspirations include artists like The Chainsmokers, Rival, Ariana Grande, Danyka Nadeau, and Veronica Bravo, all of whom he considers to be quite motivating in their own right. Future Bass’s track “Someone To Forget,” produced by Pariz, a Texas-based producer, was released earlier this year.

The song, which has a strong bassline, captivating rhythms, and emotional vocals, sets the tone for remembering that one very special person who has gone away in a meaningful manner. You’ll learn how much you want to be with someone and how much you’ve sacrificed for them, and you’ll learn how, despite all you’ve been through with that person, whether it’s been good or bad, you should never lose faith in yourself.

 I tend to always look for another artist to collaborate with cause I always want to meet new artists that are as passionate as I am. My current project (Pariz) is my main and only focus right now and I’d love to convey the message that it’s ok to have feelings cause now & days it’s common to not have regard towards people’s feelings.

His favourite pleasures are video gaming and music-making, which are two of his favourite activities.

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