News Update :Teamjuicy To Celebrate One Year Anniversary In Grande style

News Update :Teamjuicy To Celebrate One Year Anniversary In Grande style

It’s always a good feeling when you know you are working for a good course, the official support team for Vanessa suvillan Gyan the slay queen is a year old.

Hangout with Vanessa Gyan

Hangout with Vanessa Gyan

OK let me tell you a bit about Vanessa Gyan. Do you remember the legendary band “OSIBISA” ? yes our very own Osibisa who sang “Welcome Home” the youngest amongst was Kiki Gyan, and he was their keyboardist, he had only one child who happens to be Vanessa Suvillan Gyan. She’s now a young, beautiful and intelligent woman. She currently works with EIB network and a radio and TV personality.

some Teamjuicy members rocking the gear

Teamjuicy logo

So having known who Vanessa is, what is Teamjuicy up to? During these few months Teamjuicy has been able to organize events and support other events as well. The team has selflessly dedicated theirselves to support Vanessa Gyan’s project ( Sincerely vee ) which has been a tour de France and as well help it’s own members.

TeamJuicy Mission: our mission is to support Vanessa Gyan’s brand sincerely, vee foundation. To exploit talent of individuals in the team, not forgetting the main aim to make the brand known both national and international fronts and also make a positive impact on the youth and society at a whole.
This calls for celebration right? A year full of works demands a cool off huh, With the plans regarding the one year anniversary teamjuicy is coming up with three events which
Movie night

Teamjuicy movie night

House party(night experience)
The committee is working hard to make the one year anniversary memorable one.
The house party (NIGHT EXPERIENCE) is Slated on 22nd July, 2017. And it’s opened to the public.


You just can’t miss.

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