TAYCE Demonstrates There’s “Nothing Better” Than Her Album

The rhythm in “Nothing Better” by TAYCE is similar to a heartbeat, and it gives the impression that the song is breathing life into the listener. Her voice is perfect in every way, especially when it comes to conveying the seductive flow of the music. TAYCE employs techniques that are not only technically difficult but also carefully crafted in order to bring us closer to the essence of the harmony, regardless of the source. This is a performance that only a select group of artists could pull off in such a manner. You cannot help but experience the feelings that she is expressing when you hear her voice because it is so evocative.

In spite of the fact that her technique is, in all likelihood, overshadowed by the scope of the project and the stages of life that it is intended to encapsulate, she does not ever come across as infuriated. In point of fact, the opposite is true, and you can prove this to yourself by giving this album of a masterpiece a listen for yourself.

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