Talii Unlocks A Slick R&B Music ‘More Than Friends’

Young musician, singer, and composer Talii hails from Orlando, Florida, where she now resides.

She comes from a long history of musicians and artists, many of them were highly talented and accomplished in their own right. She began singing when she was only three years old, and soon after that, she taught herself how to play the piano. By the time she was six, she had begun to compose.

As a result of Talii’s multiethnic upbringing, she was exposed to music from a wide variety of genres and time periods, ranging from Soca to 80s power ballads. She integrates many of the many sources of inspiration that she has pulled from into her own unique style. Her style is very distinguishable.

Her interests include the investigation of spirituality, the investigation of the natural world, and the encouragement of self-love. All of these topics fascinate her. Talii does a terrific job both on the album and outside of it of portraying her genuine personality.

She accomplishes this by easily embracing these themes throughout her songs, which is something that she does. Today marks the debut of “More Than Friends” a song written and performed by up-and-coming singer-songwriter Talii.

Talii welcomes a new sound era with this new song, as she prepares to launch a series of tracks over the next few weeks. This seductive R&B ballad filled with hard-hitting Afrobeats is topped off by the lovely and emotionally charged vocals of Talii; the song’s lyrics venture into areas that Talii has not before explored.

“More Than Friends” is Talii’s follow-up to the early 2022 single “Scars in the Dark” which in turn led to the release of “Songs To Feel To” in the summer of the same year.

In 2011, Talii debuted her song “Pointless Numbers” which was a deeply personal composition that addressed the nuances of issues related to mental health. The rapid rise of Talii was recognised by SoundCloud when they named her one of their “Artists To Watch” for the month of March 2020.

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