Synth-wave Sensation EhRah Out With – “Galaxy”

When it comes to synth pop music, it’s difficult to stand out in the modern era, but for EhRah, it’s as easy as slicing a hot knife through butter. In 2010, when he began producing, EhRah was all about electro house and melodic material. After a brief absence (from 2016 to 2020), EhRah has returned with a brand-new sound and is ready to face synthwave with a fresh perspective.

His most recent song is titled “Galaxy,” and despite the fact that it does not deviate significantly from the formula he has been employing for some time, it is undeniably a melodic masterpiece. After listening to this song, you would be able to understand why EhRah’s career is currently receiving so much attention.

Montreal’s EhRah has collaborated with Barcelona’s LAU to record his fourth track, which will serve as his last single before the release of his second studio album later this year. This song has a passionate, vivacious, and amorous Synth Pop track. The song “Galaxy” is about realising that moving on after a breakup is far more difficult than it may have appeared at first. It is about trying again, even if love is simply more profound than the universe.

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