Swiss Producer FlexFab Join Forces with Kenyan Rapper Ziller Bas On “Tsapi”

Swiss Producer FlexFab Join Forces with Kenyan Rapper Ziller Bas On "Tsapi"

Swiss Producer FlexFab Join Forces with Kenyan Rapper Ziller Bas On “Tsapi”

Swiss-based Producer FlexFab grabbed a great deal of eye in the most recent years for his image of electronic/bass music and solid visual universe. His creation style consolidates kinds like snare, bass or club music, mixed with sounds and impacts from different societies. This methodology permitted him to make his own sound mark, for which he’s perceived today.

The adaptable maker has cumulated more than 5 million streams with his single “Zoo”, visited seriously in more than 15 nations, made music for traditional ensembles, selected and has won a few honours.

He composed the soundtrack for the Sundance-selected task Interloped and recently worked together with specialists, for example, South African Batuk, US rapper Mouthe, Malaysian vocalist The Venopian Solitude, Egyptian rapper Rozzma, Brazilian Mc Kitinho, Kenyan craftsman Muthoni Drummer Queen, and so forth.

Along with Ziller they skillfully conveyed a strong and particular blend of current club African music, bass/electronic and rap. While FlexFab conveys his charming half and the half bass sound mark he’s been known for, Ziller Bas raps in his own personal lingo called “Swing Flow” a mix of English, Swahili and his local language the Kigiriama.

For this new single, they have collaborated with Belgian maker Le Motel and conveyed a powerful club banger worked with weighty bass, dim soundscapes and cutting edge percussive rhythms, encircled by Ziller Bas’ matchless and appealing rap style.

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