Swedish Singer Hallbeck Spreads Love With Dagarna Med Dig

Dagarna med dig is one of those songs that you would fall in love with even if you didn’t understand the lyrics. Hallbeck, a Swedish singer and songwriter, wrote the song Dagarna mad dig, which translates to “The days with you.” Hallbeck thinks everyone deserves love and the possibility to fall in love again, which is something we can all agree on.

Not only has music creation been a part of Hallbeck’s life, but he has also dedicated most of his life to perfect this craft. He started by been part of an alternative band where the toured and played gigs in the sovient union as it crumbled. this is what he had to say during those times

We Saw it’s last desperate dying tremors when we were in St Petersburg, then Leninggrad, when the tanks roilled in during the coup attempt against Gorbachev. We played a concert right on Nevskij prospect with cheering people as it all collapsed.

Hallbeck started writing music and touring the world back In 1988. His latest release was inspired by Håkan Hellström, Oskar Linnros, Foo Fighters and Wilco as his music is hugely influenced by 80-ties alternative music. He spent most of the 90-ties on
the road in various line ups including The Miscellaneous, Perry and The Poor Boys and swedish artist Micke Fhinn.

Listening to Dagarna med dig it is unarguable that the song was carefully put together by the producer Magnus Sjoqvist while Hallbeck put in his everything to make this masterpiece, the soothing lyrics and guitar is a prove that with a lot of dedication and practice one can become a better version of himself.

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Swedish singer and songwriter

when asked about the his biggest motivation in creating Dagarna med dig he said

I wanted to celebrate second chances and those moments in our lives when everything feels just right. Those moments with your
partner where you are in harmony. A glass of wine on your proch a summer night. A morning coffee a sunday morning. In a world
where everything seems to be gong in all the wrong direction right now,

he continued to say “i wanted a moment of harmony and positivity. I think the
song does that!” after listening to this masterpiece i also believe this song does just that.

So when updating your playlist with new music, you should definitely add dagarna med dig to it, not only is this music, but also a cure to all broken hearted.

Get the song here

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