Swedish Multi-Talent Scharliina Returns With New Single Dubbed ‘Maybe’

Scharliina Erapuro is a Finnish-Swedish singer-songwriter, actor, and model who goes by the stage name Scharliina.

In Sweden, she was a member of the pop duet Lightworkers, and she has also had guest appearances in a number of different television programmes and films all around Europe.

In addition to her headlining Miss Supranational Finland 2021 pageant, she is most recognised for her performances in the television shows Corner Shop and Skitsamma, both of which air on Discovery+ in Sweden.

Swedish Multi-Talent Scharliina Returns With New Single Dubbed 'Maybe'
Swedish Multi-Talent Scharliina Returns With New Single Dubbed ‘Maybe’

As a solo artist who creates songs and publishes them on serious subjects such as eating disorders, addictions, and child abuse.

She made her debut in 2021, and her tracks have since climbed to the top spot on the iTunes Top charts in both Finland and Sweden. She utilises her intuition as a writer, singer, producer, and performer to pour her most profound emotions and burdens into art in order to convert and transmute them into something beautiful.

Her most recent hit, “Maybe” is a stirring, introspective, and optimistic pop ballad. Written when the author was participating in treatment for the recovery of an eating problem. The song makes its meaning, which is about fighting conflicts and fights inside oneself, quite evident.

But there is a lot of optimism represented and carried by the song. Utilizing music as a medium for therapeutic purposes. arousing others’ inspiration by the telling of genuine and honest experiences. Her deepest desire is to be able to assist others in managing the suffering they are experiencing.

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