Suzann Premieres Her Debut Single ‘Favorite Man’

German singer, composer, and music producer Susann Jetzkus performs under the stage name Suzann. With her first song “Favorite Man”.

She did everything from composing, writing, and producing the song to writing the screenplay for the music video and directing it herself. She also directed the music video. The end product is a clip that is not seen very often by most people.

Every stage of development has its own set of habits and tendencies. In this video, Suzann demonstrates each and every one of them. She changes identities and ages seamlessly throughout the day, from the time she eats breakfast to the time she masturbates before going to bed.

Suzann doesn’t take herself too seriously. You can tell by taking a look at her humorous and popular TikTok videos as well as her music video. On the other hand, she places a great deal of importance on her message.

It’s about coming to terms with who you are and being okay with it. Surprisingly, Suzann created the song during a very challenging period in her life. She was in an unhealthy relationship, and as a result, she ended up not only losing her passion for music, but she also came dangerously close to losing herself. The so-called “awakening moment” finally arrived, and after that, she was able to set herself free from everything.

She engaged in combat and rediscovered who she was in the process. Suzann used the song “Favorite Man” as a means of working through what she had been through.

She discovered her own unique tiny niche in the Pop genre, which she is going to settle into, and was inspired to create it by synth pop and the sounds of PlayStation auto racing games.

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