Supernovakaz Announces His Self-Titled Project ‘Supernovakaz’

Supernovakaz is the stage name of Christian-Kazniel E. Flores, who is well-known in the music industry as a music producer, audio engineer, and composer from Latin America.

“Super” is the name that the majority of his musical peers and followers throughout the world call him. Super came up with the idea for “Project Supernova,” a programme in which he brings together the most talented local artists from all across Latin America to work together on projects and market them in the United States.

Supernovakaz Announces His Self-Titled Project 'Supernovakaz'
Supernovakaz Announces His Self-Titled Project ‘Supernovakaz’

17 was the year when Supernovakaz first began creating music. Despite the prohibitively expensive cost of education at the time, they were driven by their insatiable need for knowledge.

As he was growing up, SupernovaKaz learnt the fundamentals of engineering by witnessing other engineers at work. He then finished his training with Lifak The Producer, who is considered to be one of the most talented producers and engineers in Cuba. As his signature look, he honed down on the urban aesthetic.

The objective of Supernovakaz is to demonstrate, via the new school Latin genre, that “Talent Can Be Found Where You Least Expect It.” The Project is scheduled for release in early 2023 and will include genres and rhythms such as dancehall, reggaeton, Latin trap, and reggae.

Younger, up-and-coming Hispanic audio engineers in South America often acknowledge Super as an influential figure in their work. Latin beats are now being distributed by Supernovakaz via his many digital outlets.

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