Spirit Ritual Out With “Flow With the Go”

Spirit Ritual return with their most stylish release of their synth indie rock ballads and groove-laden dream pop anthems yet in their all-new single “Flow With The Go”. The band is made up of 4 fantastic individual namely Jef Bjarnson (Vox & Bass), ian Mclnroe (Keyboards), Hunter Stevenson (Guitar) and James Conner Dacus (Drums) who all pull their weights respectfully, intertwining artistic talents to produce a melody so good you will put on replay.

The members of this group share a strong bond which enables them to create fantastic music. They have performed some notable gigs in recent years in places like Manchester and Murfreesboro.

Spirit Ritual release “Flow With The Go” features a kalimba! The lyrical concept uses 40 common phrases that are skewed up in silly and clever ways. The addictive groove carries you into the chorus which smoothly changes key. The single’s cover art is a handmade collage of real flowers arranged in their backyard.

In the wise, unrefined timber of their blistering guitars accented by gorgeous strings and brooding vocals, Spirit Ritual are staking their place in the future of pop music on this new record, and I must say, there is no doubt in my mind that their sound is among the boldest of all the one I’ve heard in a while.

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