Spencer Elliott Finally Shares The ‘SE3’ Album

Spencer Elliott is an instrumental advanced acoustic rock guitar genius who is located in West Virginia. He is accompanied by Sean Sydnor (bass), and Chris Hudson plays the drums.

As he was growing up in West Virginia, Spencer Elliott started to write instrumental music on the piano. At the time, he was inspired by current composers such as George Winston.

Later, he began playing the guitar, although his tastes were more skewed toward punk and progressive alternative. Spencer has been a prominent figure in the alternative and punk music scenes for almost two decades.

Spencer Elliott Finally Shares The 'SE3' Album
Spencer Elliott Finally Shares The ‘SE3’ Album

Spencer’s creative ideas drew from both his piano training and his love of tougher guitar music when he started writing advanced finger technique compositions.

The likes of Hedges, Ross, McKee, and Dufour were among the composers Spencer studied and drew inspiration from for years. Music by Spencer is full of melodic and percussion soundscapes that merge his many musical inspirations.

In their most exciting Album, “SE3,” Spencer and company eschew convention in favour of creating an original stew of musical layers, pulling equally from prog rock, metal, funk, acoustic, experimental, and neo-classical genres.

Taking cues from Spencer’s background in the complex realm of advanced fingerstyle composing, SE3 deconstructs the style and rebuilds it utilising the tried-and-true building blocks of prog-rock, funk, metal, and classical music to create a sophisticated playground of musical arrangement.

With its fingerstyle beginnings as a foundation, SE3 aspires to encroach, explore, and develop into a sound that is both familiar and unfamiliar at once. A masterwork of exchange, ebb, and flow performed by three artists at the top of their game, SE3 is a musical conversation you’ll be glad you heard.

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