Spc.Gh.st Pay Homage To Our Ancestors On New Song “DIVINE FEMININE”

Spc.Gh.st Pay Homage To Our Ancestors On New Song “DIVINE FEMININE”

SPC.GH.ST (PRONOUNCED space ghost) is yet again out with an amazing sonic, titled “Divine Feminine”

This sonic is a homage to our highlife roots as Ghanaians and Africans. The record is a collaboration with the amazing Kaus D’Greatest on vocals. The inspiration of this song as forementioned is Highlife music. Growing up in a Ghanaian home we realized how much our parents loved and enjoyed Highlife music.

There were so many amazing stories embedded in the music. There was a highlife tune for every occasion. Whenever we wanted to dance we knew what selection to pick. Highlife was a great influence in the urban culture and it fueled a lot of other aspects in the community.

 As the music evolved, the concerns and intentions of those who practiced it also shifted. When Ghana was formed in 1957, the Socialist-aligned government saw Highlife as a powerful tool for forming national identity. State-funded bands appeared in order to ensure that the correct image was propagated.

The breakthrough onto the world stage and potential for the international fame and financial gains that commerce brings saw a huge increase in the use of the English language over the traditional Akan dialects, though this cultural compromise never took any deep political or cultural effect due to the dire economic state of the country at the time.

The prevailing popularity of traditional artists like Koo Nimo, a Ghanaian national treasure, despite the influx of American influence in the 1990s, shows that the affinity with the sound transcends the normally fickle forces that guide the music industry

With a strong knowledge about our musical history, we decided to find inspiration from our highlife ancestors to create this beautiful piece. You ll experience many nostalgic elements like an upbeat tempo that you can move your body to, amazing synthesizer sounds that take you on an intergalactic journey and not forgetting the constant bass riff that give life to the song.  on this record we talk about love.

We find creative ways to talk about a lover who is to die. We believe the past has a lot to teach us about the future and we decided to tap from our amazing history as pioneers of highlife.

This is a perfect tune for relaxing and enjoying the moment wherever that may be. Divine Feminine is out on all streaming platforms from the 29th of June 2022, we hope it brings back memories of how wonderful highlife music is for you. Get it here.

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