Space Nat Shares Her Newest Single ‘Fish Tacos’

Space Nat Indie-pop music that resides precisely at the intersection of the night sky and the horizon is what Nat creates.

She puts private moments to soaring, emotionally charged instrumentals à la Kacey Musgraves, with a little bit of Dawes and some St. Vincent mixed in there for good measure. Her sound is equal parts dreamy and grounded.

Space Nat was born in Los Angeles, but he now considers himself to be an honorary citizen of Nashville. He thrives on ambiguity. She takes her classical expertise and infuses it with the emotion of a singer-songwriter as well as her own synth-pop sensibility. She has performed at well-known locations in Los Angeles such as The Mint and The Hotel Cafe.

There are times in our lives that stand out as crystal clear and unadulterated. moments that were filled with joy, love, thrill, terror, and tranquilly. There are times that are so intense and unfiltered that they reveal our humanity and make it undeniable.

There are some times in our lives that we wish we could freeze in time and relive whenever we feel the need for a dose of living. That’s all there is to “Fish Tacos.” A song that catches a moment, creating a picture of happiness going into turmoil and wonderfully catching the quiet that is calm before the storm It is A song that captures an instance, painting an image of bliss descending into chaos.

A song that recognises and pays respect to an apparently little statement that ended up being a turning moment in someone’s life. A straightforward love tale, together with a fitting conclusion.

Space Nat elevates the commonplace to the level of the supernatural, drawing inspiration from lyricists such as Dawes, Kacey Musgraves, and Andy Shauf. transforming something as banal as fried food into a metaphor for the delicate balance that must be maintained between remembering the past and moving on with one’s life.

Preserving the positive aspects while being honest about the negative ones. bringing perspective to the truth and adding a romantic twist to the present. The inherent contradiction that comes with occupying a liminal position.

It is Space Nat’s 11th studio album, and she wrote and performed it in her house in Los Angeles. The song is titled “Fish Tacos.” Ben Kling of Nashville, Tennessee is credited with producing and mixing the song.

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