Sophie Breton Breaks The Ground With New EP “Not Today”

Sophie Breton is a creative songwriter and producer, after taking a pause from producing music for about 3 years, today she is out with her debut EP. She calls this Not today was written and over a span of 3 years.

At an early age Sophie Breton loved music and kept playing around it, she started singing at the age of 4 years. Her first project was in 2019. During that time she was in her first year of university and was working a corporate job, but this didn’t prevent her from actualizing her dreams and inspirations because during the nights was when she was writing and learning GarageBand on YouTube.

She did this for some time but after three big months, she released “I don’t feel good” and it was all done by myself! She wrote and did everything on the production, she felt really proud of it or what she was able to achieve for herself! The song was about anxiety and the fear of being judged in love.

But after 2019 Sophie took a long pause for personal reasons to discover herself as an artist, person, female producer in the industry amongst other things… she admitted saying that it was not a calm process. it was hard as hell, ups and downs and so many questions as I was in the creative process.

Not today is also the state of mind I was going through. I needed space to thinking. I was talking as everything was better before. my inner child was speaking through the roof. it was the healing of an anxious and shy child who was finally living her dreams and discovering herself.

Sophie Breton Breaks The Ground With New EP "Not Today"
Not today is also the state of mind I was going through

The EP has 8 great songs on it starting with











The songs totaled 25 mins 1 sec, all songs were written and produced by herself. As a solo female artiste Sophie is really going places with the music she is producing. Listening to thus album carries different vibes and energy around it.

She said:

Not today is also about making music I love; I really feel like 3 years after my first single, I deeply love the music I’m creating. I love my old music as well, but the new stuff got something different, it hits differently.

It’s about love, healing, vulnerability, being rushed by toxic masculinity and growing up.
I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.


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