Sophia B Releases Latest Single ‘The Best Days Of My Life’

New York City-born singer, songwriter, and composer Sophia B is just a teenager at this point.

Her life in this magnificent city served as inspiration for the songs she began writing at the age of 13, and they continue to do so. Living on the Upper East Side close to some of the world’s best museums and within walking distance of Central Park, which is where Harry and Sally first met, as well as being close to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where young women confabulate, causes her to be filled with idealistic romantic dreams, the rude awakenings that follow, and the songs that they inspire.

She began writing her songs at the age of 13 and then continued to do so. So far everything of her songs has been about her experiences before she turned 18, including two years she spent on lockdown and published eight of them between 2020 and 2021.

She was awarded the prize for Best Original Music in Munich, as well as the American Tracks Music Awards, the Global Music Awards, and the Cannes Shorts for Best Composers. She has previously given performances at the well-known New York Songwriting Circle Showcase, as well as at the Cutting Room and The Bitter End.

The feelings that a girl has at the time in her life when she is no longer considered a kid but is also not yet regarded as an adult are the subject of the song “The Best Days of My Life.”

Since the city was allowed to reopen after being placed under lockdown, she and the other teenage artists she knows have been singing these new songs across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Harold Stephan was the one in charge of producing the song.

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