Soothing And Emotional Song “Into The Night” By Sweeter Than Sorrow

About Sweeter Than Sorrow

Sweeter Than Sorrow is a project created by singer-songwriter Mattias Wåhlberg in the summer of 2021. Wåhlberg is also the leader of the renowned Swedish alternative folk-pop group Sombre View. Wåhlberg’s songs examine fundamental human emotions via the use of meaningful narratives and beautiful, intimate soundscapes infused with poetry and self-reflection. Sweeter Than Sorrow finds its niche between acoustics and electronics, luring listeners into a delicate, introspective, and beautiful realm. The goal of the project is to question the typical macho-ideal paradigm, thereby initiating a conversation about men in our contemporary culture. Sweeter Than Sorrow supports LGBTQ+ groups and all types of love.

Sweeter Than Sorrow has gotten amazing acclaim from bloggers, playlists, and curators all across the world since the release of debut single “Like Water Is Flowing.” Without the assistance of a label, the debut release earned over 9000 active monthly listeners and over 76,00 total plays. Mattias Wåhlberg is now creating a stunning audio world full of intimate, compelling storytelling.


About The Release “Into the night”

This is a song that talks directly to the heart. The music’s harmony, mixed with the passionate voice, allows you to fully experience what the singer is talking about. It’s fantastic! “Into the Night” is a lullaby that quietly addresses the weight of life, inspired by the devastating death of a close family member and the unexpected news of a new life. Sweeter Than Sorrow’s intimate instrumentation is carried over into the song, which emphasises a dance between melodic vocal and thematic piano. Marcus Bark Sigvardsson plays contrabass on the track.

Wåhlberg’s version of the song is divided into two parts. On the surface, the hauntingly enchanting melodies conjure up images of a peaceful children’s lullaby at night, yet the gloomy undertone focuses on loss, love, and peace—three themes that appear fatefully intertwined in “Into the Night.”

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