Songs for Sabotage Out With “Shadow”

Lina Sophie and Richey Rose finally crossed paths in the fall of 2017 at a bar in Brooklyn called Night of Joy. They had been walking the same streets in New York City for ten years before to their meeting. After becoming fast friends and bonding over their shared appreciation for Swedish pop, first wave from the 1980s, and indie music from the 2000s, the two later created SFS in the beginning of 2019.

The band’s popularity in the music scene started humbly, with just a few dozen people coming to their early shows. But, as word of their catchy melodies and thoughtful lyrics spread, their following began to grow. Songs for Sabotage began to play larger venues and soon they had fans from major parts of the world.

The majority of 2022 was devoted to songwriting and a tour of California and Arizona. That’s why in 2023, SFS will release their new album, which will include recordings of those tunes. Compared to their previous releases, these songs use significantly more synth and are considerably more stripped down.

The band’s latest release, a cover of Chromatics “Shadow” is nothing short of brilliant. Sophie’s voice sounded ethereal as she sang the lyrics. The use of synth in the song gave it a dark, mysterious feeling that perfectly captured the band’s sonic aesthetic.

“We love the dreamy soundscape of the original version but really wanted to create a new take on this track. While the original is in a major key, we decided to do ours in the relative minor. We also added a Juno-106 synth bass and upped the tempo to give it a house music type pulse. The result is something that should be played on a dark, haze filled dance floor at 3 am”

And we all have to agree that this version of “Shadow” is a truly unique and exceptional one. Though it’s just a cover, Songs for Sabotage have managed to completely transform the song into something completely new and exciting with a touch of dark electronic vibes.

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