SOLLO7 – The White Album

SOLLO7 – The White Album

SOLLO7, affectionately described by his fans as ‘Africa’s golden voice,’ has finally released his much anticipated 12-track sophomore project, ‘The White Album,’ establishing a sound that many believe will change Ghana music, as we know it, forever. It would seem that the emotive ‘Asheasi’ crooner has finally come full circle with how much influence his sound wields within Ghana.

The White Album begins with an ad-hoc phone recording of SOLLO7’s grandmother singing an old Ga-Dangbe love song. Next is ‘I Must Be Mad’ an Afro Pop dance duet with Afro Jazz songbird Adomaa, followed by a remix to his long-distance relationship Highlife 2.0 banger, ‘Naa Odey’ with Sedi Adayi. Right after this is ‘Papa Said,’ a wedding reception feet mover.

Upon hearing Track 5 it is immediately clear that ‘Oreba’ will be used by wedding cinematographers for Ghanaian engagement videos. No doubt! ‘Me Ne Wo Forever’ is the re-recorded and upgraded deluxe version of SOLLO7’s piano-vocal classic that marked the birth of his career in 2015. Right after this is a brief marital exhortation by SOLLO7’s preacher Mom in ‘Mama Said.’

In ‘Look’ the singer-songwriter thanks God for bringing a “most beautiful woman” his way. The lead single from the album, ‘Joy,’ is an encapsulation of musicianship and lyricism at its finest; it describes a man that has found joy and love in a good woman. Following ‘Joy’ is ‘The One,’ another piano-vocal combo that has the singer in his feels, wondering if the object of his affection is truly the one. ‘Song for the Wife’ is a thank you note from the singer to his imaginary/future wife. It is a beautiful song that starts when it ends. You’ll need to hear it for yourself!

SOLLO7 has titled his sophomore project, ‘The White Album’ not only because the album alludes to weddings but also because it connotes an untainted canvas of his musical journey and marks a new beginning for what is to come.

In paving the way for The White Album, SOLLO7 released a few tone-setting singles. His hit African
wedding anthem, ‘Say I Do,’ is a melodramatic symphonic African duet that immediately strikes the listener as a departure from the typical up-tempo African sound.


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