Social Media Users Make Fun Of DKB’s Police Report


Social Media Users Make Fun Of DKB‘s Police Report

Ghana has been so hot these past few days and you already know what i am talking about.

Social media has been on the quest for the next wave, i mean almost everyone is on the look out.

Everyone was minding his/her business till an account with name Fatpussy005 decided to pop up.

The person behind this account has exposed and is still exposing our dear Ghanaian celebrities.

There have been a lot of revelations and some are surprising whiles some others are obviously not.

The latest celebrity who has been exposed is no other than the self acclaimed King Of Gh Comedy, DKB.

Social Media Users Make Fun Of DKB's Police Report

According to the Fatpussy005 account, Β DKB had $ex with one innocent girl who asked him for money to pay her school fees.

The said lady who thought DKB could be of help, requested for Ghc1,300 to pay her fees and DKB accepted.

He then asked to meet him at a hotel around Lapaz where he chopped her and gave her nothing but promised to get her the money.

It happens that, DKB sent just GHC200 instead of GHC1300 claiming that was all he could afford.

Within the late hours of yesterday, DKB posted a video of himself warning the person behind the account.

According to him, you can’t mess around with him and go scot free.

He indicated that, he had made a report to the Ghana Police to bring the person to book.

Well, some social media users have reacted to it and it looks like nobody took him serious.

A large section of Ghanaians on social media made mockery of him because they felt he was being a clown.

Check out some of the reactions from Ghanaians below..

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