SLO Details His Bittersweet Relationship With Music His “Lover”

SLO Details His Bittersweet Relationship With Music His “Lover”

The producer cum rapper from Newham East London lays bare his experiences in new rap single “My Lover” released on Friday June 6th 2022.

The SLO self produced single follows his project (Whole Lot Of Nothing) released earlier this year on January 25th, 2022.

Speaking to Cheesewave prior to his recent release, SLO explained that he was inspired by love and that observing relationships around him made him reflect on his personal relationship with music leading him to pen the emotional message in the new single. The heartfelt message held such value to the rapper much so that the record that would have been a freestyle was restructured as a new single.

“My Lover” reveals the frustrating relationship of constant ups and down SLO has had with music his greatest lover. It also reveals how one sided their relationship has been sometimes even after giving his time spending late nights being so involved in the relationship.

His commitment does not waiver nonetheless, though he may not be flashy or be her favourite catch music is what truly makes him feel love.

“Music makes me lose it all… Music makes me feel for more, I don’t know love but I’m sure music makes me feel in love. Music is my lover… Noone loves me better, my Lover” SLO ends his heartfelt message on the single.

One can only sympathize with the artist who’s felt heartbroken yet keeps his love strong for music in this frustrating cycle of love-hate relationship.

Stream SLO – MY LOVER on link here.


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