Sixsense Releases His Classic Single Debut Voicemail

Sixsense Releases His Classic Single Debut Voicemail

Sixsense Releases His Classic Single Debut Voicemail

London artist Sixsense has returned again with new visuals for his third single, ‘Voicemail’. The dynamic storytelling track follows the lives of two teenagers from very different backgrounds as they meet and begin a relationship. The song comes after the fierce, meditative track ‘56 Bars’ and sequesters its reflective nature with an equally hard-hitting tone and poignant, honest lyrics to match.

In the words of the artist, ‘The song is based on a true story, but he wanted not just to tell the story but to capture the emotions of growing up in London. Sixsense felt like lots of others across the city and even across the world can relate.’The rest of 2020 is looking busy as ever for Sixsense, as he continues to push his music out and work towards further developments. Meanwhile, we wait with bated breath for his next release.

Sixsense began writing, producing and recording raps in his bedroom at age 14, inspired by the likes of many storytellers like Nas, Jcole, AZ amongst others. ‘I used to write bar after bar after bar until I ran out of things to say. There was a lot on my mind so it’s always been somewhere to put my thoughts.

He didn’t begin releasing music until the beginning of this year when he released his debut, ‘Shylock’, an intense, atmospheric track that focuses on identity and the experiences that shaped him as a person. As well as his singles, he has also showcased his rapping ability on numerous Instagram freestyles and on his Pound Cake Remix.

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